“True Cost of Coal” mural opposite Miner’s Guild Store #001 chronicles mining

“The True Cost of Coal” mural by the Beehive Collective has appeared across from Miner’s Guild Store #001. So far the Miner’s Guild has not responded to inquiries for comment. The mural can also be viewed here and also comes with this narrative reading order guide. (backup mirror).

A new mural has appeared across from the Miner’s Guild Local Store #001 …
It is titled “The True Cost of Coal”
a closer look unveils many stories taking place at once and the mural can be read from left to right and top to bottom or bottom to top…
Is it opposite of the mining pick in protest of mining?
Well what do they sell here? And how did that Creeper get up here?


The new mural and spawn as seen from the miner’s guild local store balcony
The Earth Dragon Witch Jeruviel draws their wand and sign…



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