Seattle Circa 4717 – Denny & Sealth Murals, Futures Library Site

Check it out.

The Mad Professor

So I just started yet another *major* project today. Many hands will be required to bring to fruition the ambition and potential of this one. But it is close to my teaching heart since Chief Sealth is where I started in 2016, teaching as a long term Spanish substitute. That’s where the Intergalactic Space Opera – Collective & Autonomous Project for Spanish Class language learning game was born. In any case, below is the video record of my work from today/yesterday as well as some screenshots. If you want to join in the fun of crafting a magical futures library on the site of these schools where they would be on our Seattle Circa 4717 map, make sure to join by following the instructions at Hope to see you there.

Screenshot (1467)Screenshot (1468)Screenshot (1469)Screenshot (1470)

PS – this is following the excitement of Minefaire Seattle, which I am already missing dearly. Here…

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