AGILE Summer 2019 – All you need to know

Considering there have been a few changes and we have several things happening this summer, we thought it would be useful to put everything together in a single post here. This is your guide to engaging with all the exciting activities we have planned for this summer. We hope you like it. Please comment with any questions or suggestions. 😊

We have three main activities happening this summer. All three activities carry the potential for participants to earn Open Badges. Below each activity is listed as a bullet point and then each point has its own section further down in the post with more details. Registration for all three is open at

  • Youth Minecraft online/face-to-face hybrid summer camps
  • Worlding 808: Game Design, Fantasy and SF Writing
  • “Hawaiian Islands with Food, Medicine, Shelter, and Water for All Preferred Reality Game”

The youth summer camps and Worlding 808 course are intended to be as accessible as possible while still covering costs and compensating the instructor appropriately. To that end, one third of all seats have been made available as full ride scholarships for a total of twenty-five available. The full price per pupil is $500 for those who do not require financial assistance. Additionally, there is a discount of 33% for those who sign up as a group, which comes out to $333.33 per pupil. The “Hawaiian Islands with Food, Medicine, Shelter, and Water for All Preferred Reality Game” is 100% free to the public. Further instructions on scholarship application available at

AGILE Summer 2019
Click image for higher quality PNG for printing and posting or

here for PDF

Youth Minecraft online/face-to-face hybrid summer camps (ages 7-18)

Our youth Minecraft summer camps take a strong storytelling and collective worlding approach. The main skill students will come away with is how to use virtual worlds to tell stories in effective ways to engage and affect the real world around them. We learn to govern our shared world by creating and mastering imaginary worlds in Minecraft using “The Magical Power of the Lectern for Crafting Our Dream Cities.” The camp allows participants to enter a deeply expanded version of a shorter workshop given by teacher Cody Lestelle (a.k.a. @m4dpr0f) at Minefaire Seattle in May. Each cohort/group meets for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for two weeks. Our scholar-creators are free to continue expanding upon their collaborations and creations on their own time after their cohort officially graduates since their creations will remain on our Minecraft Multiversity server. Below is the meeting schedule for all four cohorts, A-D. Those who are based on Oʻahu may join us at HPU eSports Arena for technology access. Those who are joining online from home must have their own device and high speed internet connection.

  • Cohort A – June 3 – 14, 12:00PM – 3:00PM Hawaiian Time
  • Cohort B – June 24 – July 5, 12:00PM – 3:00PM Hawaiian Time
  • Cohort C – July 15 – 26, 12:00PM – 3:00PM Hawaiian Time
  • Cohort D – August 5 – 16, 4:30PM – 7:30PM Hawaiian Time 

We have game servers for Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. For those playing from home it is recommended to use Minecraft Java if you have a computer that can run it because we are able to do more on our Java server. However, for those running Minecraft Bedrock (Windows 10, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices all play together) we also have a Minecraft Bedrock server and will facilitate your participation in the camp there. Please note that once you purchase Minecraft Java you will also get a free code for Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10 version and you will own the game for life with the ability to install it on multiple computers. The $26.95 USD for the game is well worth having access to the ever growing AGILE Multiversity and many other exciting virtual environments. For those trying to decide between starting with Java or Bedrock it is recommended that you purchase Java because it comes with free access to your own copy of the Windows 10 version as well. See Store link to purchase for different devices.

For a live schedule with further details of our activity focus for each day and current seats available listing see here. To register now, visit


Worlding 808: Game design, fantasy and SF writing (ages 18+)

This course will be of particular interest to teachers looking to expand their toolsets to include virtual worlds as a writing technology, game designers interested in the arts and sciences of world creation, and writers interested in collaborative and playful writing technologies. This is our adult education course which has a similar aim to the Minecraft camp, to teach participants how to use virtual worlds to tell stories in effective ways to engage and affect the real world around us/them. The main differences between this course and the summer camps are 1) Worlding 808 lasts for ten weeks instead of two 2) it is geared to an 18 and older audience and 3) while we still make it an option to hold class in Minecraft and even other virtual environments, this is much closer to an online class than a summer camp. Face-to-face meetings are also available but this course is possible to take 100% online and asynchronous (on your own time). For those who are on Oʻahu we will be arranging face to face meetings during the ten weeks and those meetings will be times when our online only participants can also join. For more information on the course see the course website at To register, go to


Hawaiian Islands with Food, Medicine, Shelter, & Water for All Preferred Reality Game (rated E for Everyone)

This is still a mysterious and highly experimental activity/project. In short, our aim is to do something like what the Games for Change movement did with World Without Oil in 2008, except our scenario is a bit different. Instead of our alternate reality scenario being “a world without oil” or a simulation of a global oil shortage, we will focus on our preferred reality: a world where the Hawaiian Islands have realized the dream of Food, Medicine, Shelter, and Water for all. The success of this project will depend directly on our player base, who decides to show up, and how skillfully we play–from wherever we may be. To join the fun and change the world on this one, just make the appropriate selection on the registration form at and get ready!


To seek live chat support you can try joining our Discord tech support channel.


Make a physical posting of the flyer at the top of this post or share the image below on your own social media account and get an addition 5% discount when you send proof to

AGILE Summer 2019sq.jpg

For those helping to promote this opportunity, you can also view our 4x sheets for printing and distributing (Click here for PDF and here for PNG).

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