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You’re Invited! Massively Open Online Game Course “University to Multiversity: Playing for Preferred Futures”

You’re invited! “University to Multiversity: Playing for Preferred Futures” free massively open online game course beginning February 4th. Download most recent PDF of syllabus or see live Google Docs version at

Registration is free at


(click image for PDF of syllabus, also feel free to share the JPG or PNG of the above)


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Video Game Colleges Now Under Construction

Today marks the beginning of our AGILE after school program’s construction of video game colleges! Here are some screenshots from our first day of building. Colleges currently planned include: Pokemon College, Final Fantasy College, Fortnite College, Minecraft College, Terraria College, Fallout College, Destiny College, and more in the works. We are also seeking deans, students, and faculty and the full range of people it takes to run a college. So get in touch today and become a part of the growing multiversity movement!


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A new giant map at world spawn?

Hey what’s that up there, another mural? A map?
Hmmm… when did all this get here? A ladder huh…


Oh wow a whole giant campus map used to co-create the multiversity!?


Supposedly that gold plate gives a book I can use to write a letter to the map maker…


Click this image for a full size map of current v.02





I guess it’s time to try it out!
& sign… 


& close
& “/mailbox send Jeruviel” command does not work since “You cannot send items to yourself!” … however it will of course work if you enter the same command into the chat with your letter!