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Keiki Kalo

“Celebrating the beauty, versatility, and importance of kalo to the land and culture of Hawaiʻi, this theatrically immersive piece promotes aloha ʻāina and is intended for very young audiences and their guests. Keiki Kalo is an expedition of the senses, offering an intimate look into the glorious worlds that flow in and out from the life of a single plant.”

We saw this amazing opportunity and had to share it. If you have keiki of your own or know someone who does, please share! Click the Keiki Kalo Intro text or image below for more information.

Keiki Kalo Intro.pdfKeiki Kalo

Dear Teachers, Parents & Friends of Hawaiʻiʻs Keiki,

We are thrilled to introduce you to our upcoming show just for preschool students – Keiki Kalo.  This unique offering is intended to be an immersive and sensory telling of the miracle of kalo.  Bring your children and be prepared to dig, to plant, to harvest and to wonder at the life cycle of a kalo plant as it is brought to magical life.
Weʻve attached a brief introduction to the production here and would love to speak with you more about this special presentation.
Much Aloha,
The TYA Program @ the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa
(theatre for young audiences)
PHONE:  (808) 956-2591
FAX:  (808) 956-4234
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Early Bird Special – 50% off Minecraft camp & Worlding 808

[Update May 21, 2019: discount has been extended to May 22nd and applies to all who register before the end of the day, regardless if you have paid or not by then the discounted price will apply to your final bill for the camp/course]

Full ride scholarships available for youth and adult courses, also 50% off when you register by May 22. Happy magic moon time. See to register and to learn more about our work.

Invite others to discount on the Facebook event page.

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DnD meets Minecraft in Goblins & Kyn vs Indus Knightz Open Beta


dnd meets mc.jpg

Excerpt from registration form:

Welcome to the AGILE Multiversity! Our constantly growing ocean of energies is unstoppable.

This form is to help us optimize our organized play experiences of and throughout the many many worlds that we are on the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences’ AGILE Multiversity–whether it be our Minecraft server or any of myriad linked Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying games or some combination thereof.

By filling out the form completely you earn a custom magic item (something *nice*) and an additional 1,000 land claim blocks which can be potentially used in any world you can access. And many many worlds there are.

After email, the first set of questions regard you as a real life person, outside of the game-worlds. Everything beyond that pertains directly to your role as a multiversal character in the AGILE Minecraft Multiversity.

✮For Dungeons & Dragons resources please check out this great list by Teaching with DnD at
✮You can join our campaign on Roll20 with this link:
✮Or on D&D Beyond with this link:

✮If you are new to Minecraft Java, use Method 1 on this WikiHow with our Minecraft server address to join us:
✮Our Minecraft server address =
✮Our Planet Minecraft page =


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You’re invited! Free family fun & epic contest for the Hawaiian Kingdom


Don’t miss the free and open kickoff party for team Hawaiian Kingdom Minecraft Multiversity at HPU Esports Arena at Aloha Tower this Friday, June 22nd from 12 to 3pm. Learn more about this epic STEAM community storytelling and creative futurisms voyage by attending locally or watching live on

Jump on the servers from wherever you are and get into the fun now! We have an open roleplay server and two others with topographically accurate maps of all the islands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. We are actively engaged in the Minecraft community Summer 2018 Journey Through Time contest, utilizing our maps of the islands of the Hawaiian Islands to create, explore, and share pasts, presents, and futures of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Please Contact Us to officially join our build team.

Below are several posters for printing and posting or sharing on social media. Please share and we hope to see you there and/or on our live stream (which, yes, will also be archived on our YouTube channel!).



Hawaiian Kingdom Minecraft Team Kickoff Poster
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Click for PNG

Hawaiian Kingdom Minecraft Team Kickoff flyers sheet
Click image for JPG

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