Seattle Circa 4717 – Denny & Sealth Murals, Futures Library Site

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The Mad Professor

So I just started yet another *major* project today. Many hands will be required to bring to fruition the ambition and potential of this one. But it is close to my teaching heart since Chief Sealth is where I started in 2016, teaching as a long term Spanish substitute. That’s where the Intergalactic Space Opera – Collective & Autonomous Project for Spanish Class language learning game was born. In any case, below is the video record of my work from today/yesterday as well as some screenshots. If you want to join in the fun of crafting a magical futures library on the site of these schools where they would be on our Seattle Circa 4717 map, make sure to join 114.g.akliz.net by following the instructions at agilexps.com/play. Hope to see you there.

Screenshot (1467)Screenshot (1468)Screenshot (1469)Screenshot (1470)

PS – this is following the excitement of Minefaire Seattle, which I am already missing dearly. Here…

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Southern Salish Sea Minecraft Map for Minefaire Seattle

From the Mad Professor…

The Mad Professor

Peace all,

Just gonna drop some screenshots and the main folder where you can access the new map here now since it is late and past my bedtime. I may revisit this post later and clean it up a bit… we shall see. In any case, hopefully the screenshots and the titles and maps themselves tell enough of the story. All of the files including Java 1.12.2, 1.13.2, and 1.14 versions of the map are available at http://tinyurl.com/agileminefaire

As you may be able to tell by the title of this blog post, this map was crafted as a gift to Minefaire Seattle participants and to all those who cannot make it physically but who want to make it to the Convention Center via Minecraft. My workshop which I will be giving at 3pm on Saturday and Sunday May 18th and 19th, will begin in this map. It will either be…

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Court Decision on Mauna Kea Threatens Hawaiian Rights


Image credit: http://3dtmt.tumblr.com/

Kekailoa Perry

In October 2018, after a long legal battle, the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court gave the green light for the state Board of Land and Natural Resources to issue a permit that would allow the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on conservation lands on Mauna a Wākea. When the decision came down many Hawaiians, environmentalists, and experts in Hawaiian and environmental law were disgusted by the majority opinion of the court. Our guest blogger, Kekailoa Perry, provides some insight as to why the decision should be seriously questioned by the public.

A constitution is the law of the land. The second US president, John Adams, included in the 1780 Massachusetts state constitution that the society would be “governed by laws not men.” This statement is now considered a fundamental civic principle, essential for the health and stability of the republic. It means that humans are…

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‘Kett’s Rebellion’ Demands Delivered to Old Saint Paul Cathedral

The Mad Professor

The demands have been delivered. Enclosers Enclosed.

Screenshot (1090) Thanks dordsor21 for your wonderful build of the Old Saint Paul’s Cathedral and providing me an appropriate landmark to deliver these demands to. I hope to build a more in depth reconstruction of the context of these demands in Norfolk, but this is a very appropriate place for me to deliver them now! This build has been added to the server as it’s own world for now, still in Void. It will eventually be placed in a larger reconstruction of London.

2019-03-06_06.15.21 So, after following the steps outlined in the AGILE Book Editor tutorial, I used that command to create a dispenser for the text at the entrance to the cathedral. 

2019-03-06_06.19.29 And here is what it looks like in-game


To continue reading in-game, join our server and quest your way to the cathedral. Or use the command to generate in your own instance of…

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